Review of Breast Assessment Services

Provided by — Health and Social Care Board and Public Health Agency - Western Trust

Breast Assessment services have been encountering ongoing challenges as a result of increasing numbers of referrals and ongoing workforce shortages within radiology. The Clinical teams delivering the service have agreed that the current service model is not sustainable and that there is a need to reconfigure the service across fewer sites in order to create more sustainable team. This change relates to assessment only. Treatment will not be impacted. Staff from the Health and Social Care Board and Public Health Agency will attend to share work that has been ongoing to define a range of possible options for the future configuration of the assessment service and the criteria which will be used to appraise those options. Your views will be vital in helping to shape the design of the future service model.

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9 August, 2017 - 15:15 - 16:15

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Clinical Support services
Education and information

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Western Trust

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Great Hall, Tara Centre, 11 Holmview Avenue, Omagh,

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